What Kinds of Full Body Armor Packages  Are There?

One of biggest reasons people come to our site is so that they can create their own tactical body armor packages. So why do we offer so many different, customizable packages when it comes to our full body armor?


Not everyone bulks up the same, not everyone is the same height, not everyone can keep the weight off. That’s why there are so many options when it comes to our full body armor. A well-fitting set of armor is one of its most important safety aspects, and even though they’re adjustable to a point, it’s important to start off with the proper measurements.


Not every situation is the same. No one would suggest that a desert soldier and a SWAT member are putting themselves in the same situation very often. Soldiers can go months of wearing full body armor and never know where the danger will lie. SWAT goes in knowing they might get shot at in the next 20 seconds. Each type of armor is different and fulfills specific needs.


We’ll let you in on a little secret…some people who buy our full body armor packages are never going to get shot at. They might never even put themselves in any sort of danger. But we fully realize the interest in owning it and wearing it. After all, we all have our hobbies, just as some people collect cameras but don’t really do that much photography. All to say, our tactical body armor looks good whether it’s going to see combat or not.

Reno Full Body Armor Packages

No matter what you’re using your armor for, it’s good to know that yours can be fully customizable. Check out our selection here at Scorpius Tactical today!

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