Tactical Face Mask -The Final Addition

Let’s get this out of the way first. As comfortable as these are with six-point adjustable straps and extra padding for comfort and shock absorption, they’re not something you’ll wear all the time. You don’t need a high-ballistic tactical face mask for every situation. When you’re in an area where threat is low you might walk around in tactical body armor but don’t need constant face protection. After all, your face reveals your humanity, and sometimes that’s enough to get you out of a situation.

But in the right situation a tactical face mask is exactly what you need. Like when you want to survive getting shot in the face. Here are three very specific ways that a tactical face mask can keep you alive.

tactical face mask



Yeah, here’s the obvious reason to wear one. These amazing face masks can withstand handgun fire from .357s and .44s, so you’re safe from the much more common 45’s and 9mm that you’re most likely to encounter.


It’s not just bullets that are flying in a firefight. Whether it’s from grenades or from a splintered wood crate you’re hiding behind that’s been sprayed by machine-gun fire, you’ll want your face protected.

Tell them where to shoot

Guide your enemy’s fire by psychologically taking away their options. If they see you have body armor, they’re going to aim for the head. But if they see the head is also protected, their reaction will be to aim for the biggest target…which is right back to your chest. And considering that chest armor will stop heavier rounds than face armor, it’s better to get shot in the chest.

Scorpius Tactical – Tactical Face Masks

Our tactical face masks come in versions that go with or without a helmet, depending on your situation. No matter which one you need, have one ready for when that situation arrives.

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