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Here at Scorpius Tactical, we have all sorts of customers, and we’re grateful for that. After all, body armor is a wonderful life-saving device that should be enjoyed by all law-abiding citizens. But our customers can be very different people with very different uses for it.

Former Military:

It can be hard to leave the military lifestyle behind, especially if you’ve been in it a long time. And for some reason, after you leave the military they stop buying you tactical body armor! Can you believe it!

Being in the military has taught you to be ready for anything, so many ex-military are sure to have body armor on hand in case a situation arises in which they need it.


Maybe you’re working the night shift and you’re just not comfortable walking around without some soft body armor. Or maybe you’re working as a bodyguard. Either way, having body armor is a great way to make sure you survive the situation.


Let’s be honest, not everyone is going to be using our gear for stopping bullets anytime soon. Some people just think this stuff looks cool. And you know what? They’re right! Tactical face masks look awesome, and it makes you feel awesome wearing AR-500 body armor.


Much like former military, survivalists are always prepared. And while the hobbyists might be ready for the zombies they’ll find at Comic-Con, survivalists are ready for what’s really going to happen if society collapses.

Those aren’t our only customers, of course, but they’re four of the most common that we encounter. Which one are you?

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