Reno Plate Carrier vs. Empty Armor Plate Carries

The first time I bought a really nice camera — one with interchangeable lenses — they gave me the option of buying the body only, or buying the body with the kit lens. Since didn’t have any lenses lying around, I wondered “why would someone buy the body only…doesn’t everyone need the kit lens?”

Naive question for sure. Since then I’ve replaced the camera body twice, but I’ve never bought one with the kit lens again. That’s because I’ve bought the exact lenses I need just have to upgrade the body every so often.

The same applies when you’re buying armor plate carriers. Sometimes you’re buying for the first time and want to get it all taken care of right away by buying the plate carrier with plates. Other times you need just the armor plate carrier because you’ve got what it needs when it comes to plates.

So what situation are you in?

Time To Upgrade The Vest – When you first bought your armor plate carrier, maybe you went a little too cheap and now you regret it. Now it’s time to get a new vest because you’re able to afford a better, more durable one. That’s a smart move.

Time To Replace The Vest – Or maybe the vest you have is worn…even the best Condor plate carrier is going to wear if it’s been put through hell. So if it’s been torn in a rocky fall or slashed by an assailant, it’s important to replace it.

Time To Get A Second Vest – Different environments call for different camouflage. And some armor plate carriers just breathe better than others, or the season (or location) might convince you to wear a warmer or cooler full body armor.

Time To Get More Plates – Depending on the situation you’re in, you might need AR-500 plates and you might need ceramics. It’s always a good idea to keep different plates around for whatever you’re thrown into.

When it’s time to get just a new armor plate carrier, or full body armor via a Reno plate carrier with plates, Scorpius Tactical has you covered. Check out our entire selection today.

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