Effective Power Tactics

The overarching idea of tactical gear, tactical armor, and tactical training, is to prepare you for the situations in which you might need to exploit said gear, armor and training. Although these situations, depending on your line of work, may be few and far between, it is important to understand how your training and leadership can affect your level success on the field. Scorpius Tactical is dedicated to doing more than just prepping you for battle. We are here to teach you how to be prepared, how to be a leader and most importantly how tactical training can save your life.

Our 10 Rules to Follow

To help further your preparation for tactical leadership we’ve put together the top 10 rules of effective power tactics:

  1. It’s never about what you have. It’s always about what your enemy thinks you have.
  2. Going out of your/ or your team’s experience always leads to confusion.
  3. Going outside of your enemy’s experience more often than not produces enemy retreat.
  4. Reactions to non-tactic offenses are just as important as your reactions to counter tactics.
  5. A tactic that is not short and interesting is not a reliable tactic.
  6. Pressure in your tactics ensures utilization of all skills. Pressure on the enemy’s tactics ensures slow reactions.
  7. An enemy threat is always scarier than the enemy.
  8. Every negative has a positive, and with enough pressure, you can change it.
  9. To have a successful attack you must always have an alternative
  10. Success comes with 3 things: picking a targetfreezing it, and polarizing it.

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