How AR500 Body Armor Does More than Protect You

You know, not everything is about how well body armor, whether it’s AR-500 or ceramics or something else, works. Sometimes it’s about what it does to you when you put it on. There’s certainly a psychology that occurs as soon as you put it on.

How it makes your feel – In a word: confident. Put on our AR-500 body armor and you know that you’re more likely to survive a bad situation. You’ll be more in control because you can make decisions that you might not have made otherwise.

Still, you have to be careful. While it’s good to feel confident, there’s a reason that the word “overconfident” exists. You’re not bulletproof, and you can still bleed out if you get shot in the arm or leg. So don’t go into battle thinking you’re Iron Man.

How it makes the enemy feel – First of all, there’s a good chance they’re not wearing body armor. How do you think that makes them feel? A little unprotected, we might guess. If you’re not wearing body armor, they might think it’s a fair fight and feel more confident. You wearing body armor can give you the psychological advantage over them.

How it separates you from the situation – There are times when it’s good to get involved. And then there are times when you need to remain apart from the situation. Body armor helps you feel separate from those around you. Imagine a bodyguard protecting a pop singer…the armor helps him know that he’s in total command and can step in to do his job.

Our AR-500 body armor, as well as our soft body armor, can really help you do what you need to do. Check out our packages.

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