Why You Need Survivalist Gear

Every survivalist has gone through the age-old phase of believing that all the survival tactics they’ve learned on TV are going to help them through life’s unexpected turns. For example, we can all admit, at one point these myths seemed true to us:

  • “If a shark is swimming towards me I will survive the attack by punching it.”
  • “In the case of an earthquake, I will be safe from debris if I stand in the doorway.”
  • “If I get caught in a storm I will be safe if I just immediately lay down.”
  • “If a snake bites, I will survive if I suck the poison out.”
  • “If I get lost in a snowstorm, I can eat snow to survive.”
  • “If I get stranded at sea, I can drink my own pee to survive.”
  • “If I get stranded in the desert, I can survive off cactus water”

When it comes down to it, if you are serious about surviving any situation you need to know how to react to your surrounding and have the right tactical gear to help you survive. In cases like snake bits, and earthquakes you may not really need any ‘tactical’ gear, but for many of us, those are the least of our worries.

Be Prepared

Scorpius Tactical is serious about helping you get prepared for the worst and train to fight at you best. Whether it’s surviving in the wilderness on your own, or staying on your feet in the most important battle of your life, we’ve got the gear that you need to stay alive and the knowledge/ expertise you need to understand how to use every item. Start preparing for the rest of your life and all its seriously unexpected turns by shopping our tactical gear and survivalist gear today.

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