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Through and through the goals of both Scorpius Tactical and tactical retailers around the world,  are to protect you and keep you in the fight. Our AR500 coated curved back plate is the epitome of this ideal. We put our curved armor plate through the wringer with a test to show you just how essential gear like this can be in keeping you on your feet in your time of need. For more information on the testing we put this plate through and the specifics of those tests please watch our video.

Why Choose Us?

But, to sum it up- how can the AR500 save your life?

  • Although you will most likely sustain slight bruising and in some cases intense bruising you can breathe easy (metaphorically) knowing that your plate will effectively stop full penetration from each shot, whether you are up against a 9mm, 7.62x39mm, or a 7.62×54.
  • In most cases, you can feel confident knowing that while sporting an AR500 your ribs will be safe and sound. In extreme cases your plate may not be able to stop slight fracturing in the ribs however, you can count of this plate to ensure the safety of your ribs against major breakages that could possibly puncture lungs and keep you down and out of the fight.
  • The AR500 coated curved back plate is an ideal piece of tactical gear in that with it, you steer clear from unwanted jacketing releases. Even with slight spalling, you can feel safe knowing that the likelihood of your getting injured by a piece of your ownarmor is unlikely.

Of course, with any tactical gear, armor, or plates, in any tactical situation or arena, you are at risk of things going wrong. If you chose to put yourself in the line of fire, at the very least you should feel secure in the armor you are protecting yourself with. Make the smart choice and buy a plate that has been tested. Your life is our priority, so let us help protect it today.

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