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The Modular Rail Target System is a target system designed for portability, ease of use with unlimited configuration possibilities.

– The bolt together design allows for easy setup and the ability to replace parts if they are damaged, (no welds to break)

– Inexpensive wood is used for uprights and horizontal structural members, capable of taking many rounds before breaking. Steel tubing can also be used if desired. 

 – The unique crossbar mounting base is already set to a 20-degree angle for deflecting bullet splatter away from the shooter. This is ideal because there is no need to buy other expensive mounting brackets, just bolt your AR500 steel target directly to the 2×4 and you are all done. Our proprietary cutout in the crossbar allows for the use of a wood 2″x4″ or 3″ angle iron to vertically mount your steel target.

– You can also add our 2×4 steel elbows to hold your target at the ideal 20-degree angle for a direct bolt-on system just like our crossbar, up to 8 feet wide.

 – If you would like to expand by adding more rails to the system they can be connected by using 1″x2″ wood, or 1″ round tubing,(see pictures) we have also included a 2.5″ leveling bolt with a jam nut to fine tune the base of the stand.

– Made in the U.S.A. Designed by Scorpius Tactical 

 Price includes – one cross bar, two rails, hardware with free shipping, wood and elbows not included.



Cross bar – 35″ Long x 4″ Wide x 2″ Deep x 1/8″ Wall Thickness  – Powder Coated Steel – 11 Lbs

Rail (Sides) – 35″ Long x 3″ Wide x 2″ Deep x .095″ Wall Thickness  – Powder Coated Steel – 6.5 Lbs

Modular Rail Target System (MRTS) Free Shipping – Scorpius Tactical


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