The Best Tactical Survival Gear for Repairing

You just got shot. Thanks to our tactical body armor, you’re alive (send us a picture of the aftermath!) As soon as you can, you need to replace that armor…unfortunately, you’re deep in the field and the strap is busted, so it’s not hanging right. A


Paracord has gotten incredibly popular over the last few years…when army wives start making necklaces of it, you know it’s gone mainstream. But that doesn’t make it any less useful. This can help you in a thousand ways: securing, repair, rappelling gear…nobody steps into the field without a bundle of paracord anymore. In the case of a busted carrier strap, punch a couple of whole in either end of the strap and cinch it with paracord.

Mil-Spec Silicone Survival Repair Tape 

Tape. What good is tape going to do to hold up a steel plate carrier? Well, when a tape can hold up to 950 pounds-per-square-inch, you’re in luck. This stuff sticks only to itself, so it can work just like the paracord…cut a couple of holes into the straps and form a loop, locking the tape to itself and getting you out of the situation still covered in armor.

TacGlue Tactical Adhesive

We’re not going to claim that this alone will glue the strap back together, but it’s an excellent helper. When you’re cutting the holes for the paracord or tape, what happens if you cut too close to the edge. Get some of this glue on there to stop it from tearing too far…use it to secure the holes so that they don’t get any bigger.

When you get in the field, you’ve got to be ready for anything, and these three repair items can get you out of thousands of problems. Always keep it as part of your tactical survival gear.

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