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Scorpius Tactical has one goal in mind and that is to keep you safe on all your ventures. So, when you go to purchase any piece of tactical body armor, it’s important for you to consider finding the right fit and style, for you. In the end, having tactical body armor that fits correctly can be the only thing standing between you and death.

Often the most important piece of your tactical armor can be your tactical plate carrier vest. If you are wearing an ill-fitting vest, and are not protected from impending threats, then you have essentially wasted your money. However, being overprotected can be equally detrimental. When you purchase a heavier vest, you lose mobility and in turn, become less protected due to restriction.

Because this can be one of the most important decisions you make, Scorpius Tactical has put together a line of premier tactical plate carrier vests. From lightweight to advanced, we’ve got the options and the information for you to find the vest that puts your safety at an all-time high. Our vest offers a range of different features including (but not limited to):

Full coverage

  • Level IIIA stand alone, multi-hit capable up to .44 mag and .357 Sigs
  • 360-degree load bearing MOLLE platforms
  • Removable ballistic yoke and collar protectors
  • Removable pull down ballistic groin protectors
  • Water resistant ballistic material
  • Front and back 10” x 12” rifle plate pockets
  • 6” x 6” internal side rifle plate pockets
  • Front and back area for removable ID
  • Adjustable internal and external cummerbunds
  • Adjustable shoulders

Let Scorpius Tactical help you find the correct fitting vest. Your safety is our priority.

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