T-Shirt Yippee Ki-Yay Alternative Apparel (Women's)

  • T-Shirt Yippee Ki-Yay Alternative Apparel (Women's)


Alternative Apparel Ladies’ Destroyed Tee

This Edgy 100% Cotton Jersey Tee is kissed with distress on the collar and sleeves allowing for a worn-in softness and classic style. There is a little bit of stretch to the tee adding to its feminine touch. The imprint is Dye Extracted from the material making this tee Ink-Free and extremely breathable, no cracking or rough ink on here! 

- Ink-Free Dye Extracted Imprint allows for maximum breatheability and premium print quality.

- Design will never crack, fade, scratch, or fall apart.

- Locally Designed and printed.

- Designed by Rebel Seed Clothing 

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