SR-25 AR-10A Lower Receiver Vise Block

  • SR-25 AR-10A Lower Receiver Vise Block


CNC cut NO-M.A.R® polymer protects receivers finish.
Universal Fit works with most 308 AR's.
Install through top or bottom of Magazine Well.
Works with Upper Receiver installed or removed.
Provides Access to Trigger Guard, Pistol Grip & Buffer Tube.
Makes Trigger & Safety Installations Much Easier!
Works in Any Bench Vise, Large or Small.
Fits SR-25, LR308 (DPMS type) Lower Receivers.
Fits DPMS, KAC, LaRue, Remington, New Armalite 10A...
Fits Mega, POF, LWRC, JP, Fulton, Nemo & many more.
Does Not Fit Armalite 10B & 10T, Noveske, RRA+

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