Smith & Wesson MP AR OOPS Kit

  • Smith & Wesson MP AR OOPS Kit


Sorry, the Smith & Wesson MP AR OOPS Kit is not currently available.

Tired of losing those small, important pieces when taking down your rifle? Always have a solution close-by with the Smith & Wesson M&P OOPS Parts Kit. This vital kit includes all of those tiny pieces that are often misplaced, or lost during builds. Store this conveniently sized package in your gun room and get back to building confident that this kit will get your build back on track without having to stop everything to head to the store.

Features all the “easy-to-lose” items when building or taking down an AR
Includes: Bolt Catcher Plunger, Bolt Catch Spring, Bolt Catch Roll Pin, Buffer Retainer, Buffer Retainer Spring, Disconnector Spring, Hammer Spring, Trigger Spring, Hammer Pin, Trigger Pin, Pivot Pin Detent, Pivot Pin Detent Spring, Takedown Pin Detent, Takedown Pin Detent Spring, Selector Detent, Selector Detent Spring, Trigger Guard Roll Pin, Magazine Catch Spring

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