Rocksett by Flexbar 2oz.

  • Rocksett by Flexbar 2oz.


The all-purpose engineering adhesive ceramic grade does it all!

Locks, Seals & Bonds - Nuts, Screws, Shafts, Keys, Splines, Pipes, Flanges, etc.



The extreme temperature range makes Rocksett ideal for attaching muzzle devices.

Rocksett Tip Sheet

Think of Rocksett as waterbased solution of glass. The instructions call for a certain time and temperature
Which works well under perfect conditions. There are a few ways to cure Rocksett based on many different
Rocksett works better with a thin or sparing application. This is because it tends to dry from the outside
in. Let us refer to that as “skin hardening”. By now you have applied the liquid adhesive and want it to harden to
a solid bond. What must happen is that the water needs to evaporate leaving the silica behind. This is a physical
process as opposed to a chemical one. The drying /curing process is benefited by forced warm/hot air movement
across the surface.
One now wonders “Hey I’m using this as a thread locker.” Which makes it difficult to get the hot air into the
threads or mating surfaces.” What needs to happen is total evaporation of the adhesive material.
This can become problematic because Rocksett wants to skin harden. Heating the part material does help by
allowing heat to pass internally towards the adhesive. Based on part mass and geometry different heating
methods should be used.
A light application can dry at room temperature in a 24-hour period, with good strength. Follow this up with
20 minutes of heat at 175 degrees, for a normal cure method.
If you applied a fair amount of adhesive you may get better results by a slow rise bake/ cook method, say from room
temp to 300 F (linear steps) in say six hours.
If you were excessive in your application and goobed and screwed, this will not fare well.
What will happen if you air cure or heat cure, is basically the same. The Rocksett will skin harden and the
uncured adhesive will be encapsulated. Then when any additional heat is applied the water boils immediately
forcing its way out and destroying the bond.
Let’s review here. If your parts are a tight fit and you use the adhesive sparingly, you get good results.
If you have a coarse fit and your using Rocksett as a filler and an adhesive, heres what you can do:
Apply a light coat of Rocksett on male and female portion of the mating areas. Let both air cure apart for
24 hours. Heat both to 175 degrees F for 20 minutes then let cool to room temperature. Then apply a thin coat to
the male part and mate the two parts together. Let air cure for 24 hours. Heat the assembly to 175 degrees F
for 20 minutes and you are done. This is the strongest cure method attainable for coarse bonds.

The only way to break a proper Rocksett bond is to soak the part in hot water for 20 minutes or more
and then forcibly remove the components.
When applying Rocksett make sure parts are free of oils and contaminants. Acetone works well. Some
brake cleaning products have been known to inhibit the Rocksett cure. Hope this information helps.


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