KAW Valley 4.3oz buffer

  • KAW Valley 4.3oz buffer



There are many ways to smooth the operation of a AR-15 Carbine. One of the most cost effective and quickest upgrades available, is the installation of a KVP™ Heavy Tungsten Buffer. There are many added benefits once you install a KVP™ tungsten buffer. Benefits include: increased reliability, reduced wear and tear of critical internal parts, reduction in felt recoil, reduction in bolt bounce, as well as eliminating the annoying "rattle" of standard carbine buffers. Manufactured to meet the highest quality, KVP™ Heavy Tungsten Buffers are within a tolerance of +/- .005 oz, resulting in a more consistent, higher quality buffer.

High Density Tungsten powder weight
Weight accurate to within +/- .005 oz
Eliminates annoying buffer "rattle"
Increases weapon reliability
Reduces wear of critical internal parts
Reduces felt recoil
Negates bolt bounce

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