Geissele Super Configurable Safety

  • Geissele Super Configurable Safety


Sorry, the Geissele Super Configurable Safety is not currently available.

The Geissele Super Configurable Safety with Dog-Leg Levers is a high quality, ambidextrous replacement for the mil-spec safety in your carbine. The levers are easily swappable and exchangeable with other Geissele levers to find the perfect fit, look and comfort for your desired operation. The levers are held in place by an internal set screw, making sure they remain securely attached during hard use and mitigating possibility of misplacing or losing an attachment screw during cleaning or servicing of your carbine.

The Dog-Leg Levers are designed so that the operator can engage the safety mechanism without breaking or adjusting their grip. The angles of the Dog-Leg Levers also make it similar to a short-throw safety, while maintaining the full 90-degree turn of engagement. The Dog-Leg Levers are available in right-handed and left-handed models.

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