Enhanced Follower


The GG&G Enhanced Slotted 870 Follower is manufactured specifically for 870 12ga shotguns with dimples in the magazine tube. These include the Remington Express with a one piece extended magazine tube, 870 Express Magpul Edition and the 870 Express Blackhawk Edition.
Installs just like the factory 870 follower.
Slots have been machined in the body of the follower to ease installation in shotguns with dimpled magazine tubes.
The GG&G Remington Slotted Follower is manufactured from stainless steel for corrosion and wear resistance. The stainless steel body provides smooth operation and resists galling and contaminants imbedding into the body of the follower. These are the two major contributors to aftermarket followers malfunctioning.
The high visibility red insert is aluminum and is manufactured so that you cannot only quickly see that the magazine tube is empty, but in low light conditions, feel the difference between the face of the follower and the rear of a shotgun shell.
The follower is manufactured with a deep spring pocket to better control spring movement.
Weight: .5 oz.
Warranty: Lifetime.
Made In America By Men And Women Proud To Be Americans!

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