Blue Force Gear Sling Sleeve

  • Blue Force Gear Sling Sleeve


Blue Force Gear, Blue Force Gear, Sling Sleeve for Storage, Multi-Cam

    • Vickers Combat Applications Slings(TM)
    • Other slings with up to 2" wide webbing

    Product Description

    Slings are essential for gun fighting but a pain in the gun safe" arms room" or back seat of your car if not stowed properly - a serious potential snag hazard. The Sling Sleeve(TM) is a 5" long tube of military grade elastic that holds your sling neat and snag-free but remains ready for instant deployment. To use" thread your sling through the Sleeve and then mount the sling to your rifle. "Z fold" your sling taut and slip the Sling Sleeve over the bundle. To deploy" simply grab the sling and pull.

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