14" Round 3/8" Thick - Certified AR500 Steel Gong, Three Mounting Holes

  • 14" Round 3/8" Thick - Certified AR500 Steel Gong, Three Mounting Holes


- Made from Certified AR500 hardened steel, standard choice of material for steel targets

- Three hole mounting configuration, allows for chain mount or single post mounting options

- Ideal for pistol or rifle target practice (depending on distance) 100 yards minimum for rifles, 10 yards for pistols

- If mounting to a post or fixed position, make sure you have achieved a 20° downward angle to direct splatter away from shooter 

- Ships bare steel 

- Holes are sized for 3/8" bolts, hooks or carabiners

- Made in the USA


Please always use common sense when shooting any steel target, always wear wrap around eye protection and try to keep the maximum distance from the target. This will not only increase your safety but help maintain the integrity of your targets.


Do not shoot BB's, steel shot or air gun pellets at any steel target.

Never use ammunition that travels below 750 fps.

Shooters and observers must wear long pants (no shorts) long sleeve shirts, hat with brim and closed toe shoes.


Steel core, armor piercing, and full metal jacket ammunition are not recommended for the longevity of your targets. Keep velocity under 2800fps, if this cannot be achieved at a 100 yards, move the target further away.


The 3/8” AR500 steel targets work great for the following calibers 223, 5.56, 5.45x39, 7.62x39, 308. Etc. and any pistol rounds. 100 yards minimum for rifles


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