KWA Professional Training Products are designed to reinforce proficiency and survivability in tactical training programs.
Repetition and consistency are essential to the professional who relies on trained core fundamentals to accomplish the mission.

– Every model is 1:1 scale with its firearm counterpart, allowing customization and compatibility with individual gear and accessories. Realistic fire controls, recoil action, and safety
features are recreated for a more dynamic training experience without the fear of accidental discharges that can endanger lives.

– Can be used for practicing speed and tactical reload manual of arms, anywhere, safely.

– Many real firearm accessories are compatible with KWA airsoft guns including stocks, handguards and optics.

– Safety! Not capable of firing real ammunition. Can also be used as a “Red” or “Blue” gun.

– Can be used virtually anywhere, easy to clean up.

– Gas Blow Back guns provide low cost, effective marksmanship training supplement to live fire training.

– Low cost, low maintenance, 4000 rounds of airsoft ammunition is about $18

– Wide array of duty pistol models available, most will fit duty holsters.


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