Protect with Tactical Gear for Bars

Hey, nothing wrong with taking the edge off after a hard day of training. And when you’ve got the guys over, let them know that you’re tactical through-and-through by stocking your bar with a few items from our shop. Here’s some stuff that people will be asking you “where’d you get that?” Feel free to tell them about Scorpius Tactical.

For the beer drinker

These will be in your hand all night long, but don’t worry…your skin temp won’t affect the temperature of the beer because these are double-walled glasses; whatever’s in the glass stays cool. That means no condensation and no sweat, so no table rings to worry about if your significant other has problems with that sort of thing. These are 16 ounces, so they’ll hold just about any beer you throw at them.

For the shot drinker

Need something a little harder than beer? Down a 50-caliber amount of alcohol from these crystal shot glasses. These hold 1.5 ounces of liquid and are pointed at the end (like some sort of, I don’t know, bullet or something). So how to hold it up? Glad you asked. There’s a crystal revolver cylinder that’s for holding your bullet glass instead of cartridges.

Just for fun

At first, people are going to think “that is the silliest thing I’ve ever seen.” The next thing they’ll think is “I wonder if he’d notice if I stole it.” These tactical body armor vests will fit any beer bottle, but work best if the beer is stout (sorry about that one). Wanna see if they’ll protect your beer? Take them out and shoot them with a  30.06. You’ll be out $12.95 and a beer, but it will be fun. These things are something like level “-1” body armor…it’s possible these koozies will stop a BB. They WILL stop airsoft pellets. Impressed?

So there you go…a way to relax and never get away from the best tactical gear available. Have a Scorpius night.

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