Intimidating Tactical Gear

We can get you the intimidating tactical gear you need to keep you safe and to let people know to back off.

Tactical Face Mask

It’s amazing how much movies can affect culture. Believe it or not, in 1979 hockey masks were not scary. Then a little movie called Friday the 13th came out, and those who knew movies more than hockey wondered why the guy on the ice was wearing a Friday the 13th mask.

But the moviemakers were onto something. Humans read faces whether we know it or not, so when a face is hidden we’re suddenly at a loss and uncomfortable. While our tactical face mask might not be the best at human relations and making friends, it will intimidate and give you an advantage when you need it.


“If they give you the choice between getting shot and getting knifed, get shot.”

“Yeah, but how often do they give you the choice?”

“Sometimes they do.” 

While a gun might be long range, there’s something that people fear more about knives. It’s probably the fact that all of us have been cut by a knife at one time or another, so we know how it feels. But few of us have been shot, so we don’t know what to fear when it comes to gunshots.

So when you have a knife, you are feared. Most people simply will not mess with you.

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When you’re not in the mood to be messed with, we’ve got the intimidating tactical gear to get people to back off. Get some gear.

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