Secure Your Full Body Armor with a Tactical Paracord!

Maybe you got slashed at the shoulder, and your body armor is starting sag because one of the straps got between the knife and your skin. Good thing it did, but now it doesn’t matter if you’re in full body armor because it’s not hanging right…your chest is much more out in the open than it should be. Good thing you brought the tactical paracord to fix it in the field

A tactical paracord is one of the most amazing “must-haves” that have come around in the last decade (well, it came around to the public knowledge in the last decade). It’s turned out to be the one of the most versatile items to toss into your backpack, or to have on your person at all times. We’ll tell you below how you can make sure to always have it with you.

Here are a few awesome things you can do with a tactical paracord, whether you’re wearing your full body armor or not.

Fishing line – Paracord isn’t just amazing when it’s held together; it’s equally amazing when it’s taken apart. Just open it up to reveal the inner threads, which are incredibly strong and make great fishing line (and dental floss). Speaking of taking it apart…

Fishing spear – Fish not biting at your line? Lash your knife to the end of a pole to make an improved spear (for fishing or otherwise…yes, we’re thinking of the wild pig in First Blood).

Start A Fire – Amazing what you can do with this stuff when you take it apart. The mantle (the outside part that you’re left with after you’ve gone fishing) is flammable, so it can be a great firestarter.

Shoelaces – Best. Idea. Ever. How can you make sure that you always have some paracord on you? Replace your shoelaces. Just put them in and burn off the ends. First of all, your shoelaces won’t be breaking anytime soon. Second, you’ll always have emergency paracord on your when you need it.


Sometimes you have to fix your AR-500 body armor in the field, and sometimes you just need to eat. Either way, it’s a good thing the paracord is ready to help! 

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