Why Condor Plate Carriers are so Huge Now

We carry a lot of different armor plate carriers here at Scorpius Tactical, but some of our top sellers are the Condor plate carriers that we carry. We’re often asked why they’re so popular. Well, they’ve been field-tested and are…

Truly modular

Condor plate carriers are completely modular and will support all of your MOLLE needs. Some vests just don’t have enough places to put all of your equipment or don’t have it in quite the right place. Condor makes sure that you have (and keep) your mag pouches exactly where you need them.

Comfort Condor Style

A plate carrier by Condor is very adjustable at both the shoulders and around the waist. They’re tested to make sure to make they not only feeling good when you’re putting it on but also when you’re in action. Plus, it’s always good to have a fully-adjustable rig for if you gain or lose a considerable amount of weight. Of course, you also want it to not move much so that the AR500 plates (or whichever plates you decide to use) will stay in place over your vital organs.

Plate carriers hold up

While they’re very reasonably priced, Condor is known as one of the most rugged armor plate carriers a civilian can buy. They hold up to constant wear as well as the physical punishments you put them through. This is especially important when you want to make sure your MOLLE isn’t going to drop off because of some worn webbing.

When you buy a plate carrier you won’t go wrong. Order one today to find out why.

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