6x8 3a Kevlar Soft Armor Insert

  • 6x8 3a Kevlar Soft Armor Insert


High quality made in the USA lightweight IIIA soft armor! Perfect for in-conjunction applications or building your own personal lightweight carrier.

 $49.95 for one 6"x8" panel


- 6" x 8" larger size for wraparound coverage and protection 

- Level IIIA (3a) stand alone, multi hit capable up to .44 mag and .357 Sig

- Use in conjunction with hard armor for added comfort and blunt force trauma mitigation

- Light Weight .4 lbs

- Ultra Thin, less than 3/8" thick

- Flexible, provides an alternative to traditional padding

- 100% heavy duty nylon outer cover treated with Zepel water resistant coating 

- Water resistant ballistic Kevlar

- Different sizes for different applications, backpacks, bags, briefcases etc.

- 5-year ballistic material warranty

- Made in the USA with high quality materials

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