Tactical Plate Carrier -What to Look for

Just as photographers have different lenses for different shots, most of our customers have multiple tactical plate carriers for whatever situation arrises. We can’t tell you exactly which armor plate carrier is right for you because we don’t know what line of work you’re in or what situation you’re putting yourself into. The good news is that every tactical plate carrier of today is more lightweight and better at heat dispersal than ever before. When you’re picking one, think about this first…

Form and function

Some vests are meant to be worn and you’ll barely even know it. Some are meant to offer increased protection but only when you’re going into the direst situation. If you want to be one-and-done, get the plate carrier with soft body armor. Every armor plate carrier has its advantages, so be sure to read each carefully before picking one (or two).


How much MOLLE are you going to be attaching to this thing? Are you going in point or providing support? Do you feel naked without your baton or is it something that can be left behind? Many of these tactical plate carriers are loaded with webbing so that you carry anything you need into battle…the question then becomes, do you really want to carry all of it?

Color and depiction

Sometimes it’s a preference issue, sometimes it’s a camouflage issue. What kind of environment will you be in, and what are you wanting to tell the people around you? Are you portraying military of SWAT? If you’re spending all day in the desert, we’d like to suggest that you avoid the black armor plate carriers.

Picking an armor plate carrier is a personal decision, so be sure to read about each one we sell. We know we’ve got one that’s just right for your needs.

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