It may seem like common sense not to use real guns when training, but there are still those who don’t feel like it’s a real experience unless there’s a real gun involved, even if it’s unloaded.

Well, real men have used guns they thought were unloaded during training. And real men have shot themselves in the leg for doing so. Many law enforcement agencies use “blue guns,” which have the heft of real guns but don’t offer any response when the trigger is recoil, nothing fired.

That’s where tactical airsoft gear comes into play. It’s the perfect combination of real feel, experience, and safety. Airsoft is not “fake,” as there is blowback and an accurate projectile involved.

  • Practice your quick draw; find out exactly how accurate your shots are and adjust when you should pull the trigger.
  • How fast can you reload and fire? Practice tactical reloading with a safe, realistic replica.
  • Save wear and on your real firearm.

There’s a big difference between most airsoft gear and what we sell. First, our gear is rugged and can take more of beating. Second, many airsoft manufacturers makes guns you’d never find in the field. Ours are replicas of what you might find yourself using (or facing) in real life.

The United States military has switched to tactical airsoft gear for some training exercises. When the military switches to something so cheap and efficient, you know it must be effective. There’s nothing wrong with practicing in a 100% controlled environment...survive today and you’ll live to fight the real deal tomorrow. Check out our airsoft product now.