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Bullet Proof T-Shirt

Concealable Ballistic Mesh Bulletproof T-Shirt – Level 3a – Scorpius Tactical Excellent full upper body coverage, concealability and comfort, will… Read More

Will We Be Seeing Full Body Armor Suits Anytime Soon?

Body armor, ever since it was invented, has always been a compromise between protection and mobility. The idea of protecting… Read More

Who’s Buying Our Armor Plate Carriers And Tactical Gear?

Here at Scorpius Tactical, we have all sorts of customers, and we’re grateful for that. After all, body armor is… Read More

How A Tactical Face Mask Can Complete Your AR-500 Body Armor

There are many reasons why you put on your plate carrier and slip in the AR-500 plates (strike face out,… Read More

The Psychology Of AR-500 Body Armor

You know, not everything is about how well body armor, whether it’s AR-500 or ceramics or something else, works. Sometimes… Read More

Which Will You Buy Today, A Plate Carrier With Plates? Or An Empty Armor Plate Carrier?

The first time I bought a really nice camera — one with interchangeable lenses — they gave me the option… Read More

Fix It With Paracord!

What Good Is Your Full Body Armor If It’s Not In The Right Place? Fix It With Paracord! Maybe you… Read More

The Perfect Standard – Why Choose AR-500 Body Armor

Think of the word “steel.” Lot’s of things might come to mind…a steel mill, an I-beam, a fork, and, if… Read More

3 Reasons Why Our AR500 Targets Are So Awesome

Paper targets have their purpose, but there aren’t many times in the field when your target is standing, looking straight… Read More

Why the Condor Plate Carriers Are Such Popular Tactical Gear

We carry a lot of different armor plate carriers here at Scorpius Tactical, but some of our top sellers are… Read More

3 Pieces Of Off Grid Survival Gear Most Likely To Save Your Life

When you need off-grid survival gear, there are thousands of items you can buy…which kind of defeats the purpose of… Read More

Why Do We Offer So Many Full Body Armor Packages?

One of biggest reasons people come to our site is so that they can create their own tactical body armor… Read More

Do You Ever Notice The Tactical Gear In Movies? IMFDB Does.

There’s a t-shirt on our site that is only enjoyed by people who are familiar with one of the best action movies… Read More

How To Choose The Right Tactical Plate Carrier

Just as photographers have different lenses for different shots, most of our customers have multiple tactical plate carriers for whatever… Read More

Need the Best Tactical Gear For Your Bar?

Hey, nothing wrong with taking the edge off after a hard day of training. And when you’ve got the guys… Read More

3 Pieces of Tactical Gear That Will Make People Think Twice Before Messing With You

We can get you the tactical gear you need to keep you safe and to let people know to back… Read More

3 Things That Always Bugged Us About Tactical Body Armor -Wearing Superheroes

Admit it, you’ve probably read a few comics. And it’s possible you gravitated toward some of the more well-armed super… Read More

3 More Boring Tactical Survival Gear Items (That You Must Own)

Not every item we sell will stop a bullet, but there are pieces of tactical survival gear that you’ll need… Read More

Three Different Ways To Repair It In The Field With Our Tactical Survival Gear

You just got shot. Thanks to our tactical body armor, you’re alive (send us a picture of the aftermath!) As… Read More

Why Your Body Armor Should Include A Tactical Face Mask

Let’s get this out of the way first. As comfortable as these are with six-point adjustable straps and extra padding… Read More

The 3 Most Boring Tactical Survival Gear Items On Our Site (That You Must Own)

Your tactical body armor. Your rifle. Your helmet. Not boring. It’s all out there in front of everyone. You’ve spent… Read More

Tactical Body Armor And Psychology

Let It Go To Your Head And You Might Lose It: Tactical Body Armor And Psychology Putting on tactical body armor boosts… Read More

3 More Reasons to Practice In Your Tactical Body Armor

Last time we talked about a few of the reasons you’ll want to practice in your tactical body armor as much as you… Read More

3 Reasons to Practice In Your Tactical Body Armor

Tactical body armor isn’t something you just toss on and suddenly you’re invincible. While it’s much more comfortable, durable, and lighter… Read More

The Advantages Of Ceramic Tactical Body Armor

Ceramics are absolutely amazing, and we’re not just talking about in tactical body armor. Think about the way ceramic tiles and… Read More

Why Soft Body Armor Rocks So Hard

At  first you might look at the prices for soft body armor and think “why so expensive?” The answer is “bleeding out… Read More

What To Look For In Your Tactical Survival Gear Folding Knife

Chances are you’re not going to get into a knife fight with a folding knife, but having assorted backup knives… Read More

5 More Tactical Body Armor Failures To Avoid

Even properly made tactical body armor won’t stop a bullet if it’s not used correctly. All of the following situations have occurred… Read More

4 Tactical Body Armor Failures To Avoid

What’s the purpose of tactical body armor? You might think that’s a stupid question, but it’s one that should be thought… Read More

Have Everything At Your Fingertips With Tactical Gear Bags

Ever notice that Batman wears a utility belt but Superman doesn’t? That’s because Superman doesn’t have to prepare. If he needs… Read More

Use The Tactical Airsoft Gear That’s Rugged, Reliable, And Safe

It may seem like common sense not to use real guns when training, but there are still those who don’t… Read More

Survival Gear Check List

Whether you are out driving through the mountains, on an ordinary hike, hunting in the back country or sitting in… Read More

Top 10 Rules To Effective Power Tactics

The overarching idea of tactical gear, tactical armor, and tactical training, is to prepare you for the situations in which you… Read More

Tactical Gear For Life’s Seriously Unexpected Turns

Every survivalist has gone through the age old phase of believing that all the survival tactics they’ve learned on TV… Read More

Stay In The Fight With A Plate You Can Count On

Through and through the goals of both Scorpius Tactical and tactical retailers around the world,  are to protect you and… Read More

Protect Yourself With Fitted Tactical Armor

Scorpius Tactical has one goal in mind and that is to keep you safe on all your ventures. So, when… Read More

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