Benefits of AR500 Targets

Paper targets have their purpose, but there aren’t many times in the field when your target is standing, looking straight at you, with their arms clasped against their sides. Most of the time you need something smaller to shoot at so that you can focus on a more precise area.

That’s where the AR500 targets come into play. Because of how they’re made, these are you targets you need for perpetual shooting. What makes them so great?


We’ve got a great variety of AR500 targets. Just starting out, or going for distance? Maybe you need the 12”. Close-up or looking for a distance challenge? Check out the 4” targets. Need a zombie head gong to practice your headshots for the coming zombie apocalypse? Yeah, we’ve got that.

Last a lifetime

AR500 targets are made from AR500 grade steel, specifically made to handle being shot thousands of times. You might need to replace them because your friends are envious of your targets and keep stealing steel, but you’re not going to wear them out through wear and tear.

The sound

Let’s just admit it…there’s a little thrill you get every time you hear that sound. Seeing the target wave after being shot involves one sense, but hearing the sound of an AR500 reach your ears just makes one more sense excited. It’s especially fun at long range since you get the delayed ping as it travels at 1126 feet/second. That’s not something a paper target is going to give you.

So what are you waiting for? Buy them and they’ll last a lifetime of getting shot. Check out all of your options.

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