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Scorpius Tactical was founded in Reno, NV at the beginning of 2013.

Our products started out with a vision and manufactured with the shooter in mind. After realizing that there weren’t any innovative designs that catered to the customer’s convenience we decided to change that.

With a professional background in metal fabrication, aerospace, precision welding, and manufacturing countless hours were put into the design process to ensure our customer’s satisfaction as well as our own.

Thanks to the many customers who helped us evolve our products, your opinions have helped Scorpius Tactical be what we are today.

Gear & Accessories

Our main focus is the Modular Target System that we created and the many targets that go with it. It’s convenience lies in the ability to switch out parts of the stand to give the shooter more options. We know at Scorpius Tactical that the majority of Target Stands on the market don’t have the ability to quickly break down or even allow you to change the medium to what your shooting. With our variety of options you can build a target stand and even replace certain parts through our store or even your local hardware store.

Live Life in Action

Scorpius Designed
Armor & Target Systems

Brian Nichols started his career in the manufacturing industry. He took his knowledge of manufacturing and prototyping along with his enthusiasm of guns and the outdoors to create body armor and target systems proven to withstand most gunfire.

As shown in the above video Scorpius Tactical’s specially designed body armor can protect from most gunfire and is shaped to fit the natural curve of your body.

The target systems are designed to be built as large or as small as you would like. All pieces are interchangeable and allow for variations of layouts and conveniently disassemble for ease of travel.

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