Tactical Gear in Entertainment

Admit it, you’ve probably read a few comics. And it’s possible you gravitated toward some of the more well-armed super heroes. And while they can certainly be enjoyable, some things always bug us whenever we see them…

Nick Fury: Whether you’re familiar with the original Nick Fury from the 1960’s (of Howling Commando fame) or the Sam Jackson version from the movies, Nick Fury is always carrying. Now, we’ll admit, you can fire a gun with one eye shut…we do it all the time when using an iron sight. But because he’s lost depth perception, do you really think he’d survive very long in a gun battle? How about peripheral vision…no one is sneaking up on him from his bad side?

I guess he can remind us of how important it is to protect our eyes. Some glasses can stop a .22, and it be nice one day when we can all have Level IV eyeglasses. Until then, keep your head down even if you are wearing a tactical face mask.

Robocop: Okay, so he’s not a comic book character, but Robocop certainly is presented as a superhero. And he’s bulletproof…in the original, it looks like he’s got Level IV plating that protected him (until the futuristic Barrett M82 showed up). So why the space for his mouth to move? Why have a pretty much invulnerable cyborg with a weakness that’s definitely going to be exploited with as many machine gun fights as he’s in…because one bullet is eventually going to smack him in the jaw.

The movie would have us believe that the jaw was left uncovered to give him better public relations. Fine, we’ll accept that for the 1987 version, but the 2014 version Robocop had a retractable face plate that could have just as easily come down over his face during a  firefight.

The Punisher: You’re probably familiar with the Marvel Comics character The Punisher. He had a big skull on his chest, and at first we thought “that’s stupid, you’re just providing a target for the thugs shooting at your chest.”

Then you realized, oh right “you’re providing a target for the thugs shooting at your chest, and that’s what you want!” When he gave them a target, they weren’t shooting at his face, legs or arms, the only places that weren’t protected. If they shoot the chest, at least he’s covered there.

Alright, enough comic book talk. Now go do some shopping.

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