Practicing in Tactical Body Armor

Last time we talked about a few of the reasons you’ll want to practice in your tactical body armor as much as you can because it can alter your shooting and fighting styles. Here are a few more reasons to wear it as much as possible.

  • Practice getting back up – Body armor adds bulk to your frame, and if you get knocked down it’s important to know the most efficient way to get back up. You don’t want to be in the field and realize that it takes you a second longer to get back on your feet than you thought it was going to take.
  • It will add weight – This is important, but it’s not always a bad thing. Much like ankle or wrist weights, there are advantages to wearing more weight in order to get a better workout. The best case scenario is that you wear the body armor plates around so much so that you don’t even know you’re wearing them…your body just understands that that’s a normal weight and you’ll feel lighter when you take them off, not heavier when you put them on.
  • It will alter your water bill – Even with decades of improvement, armor is heavy and hot. You’ll be exerting more, and you need to know that you’ll be needing more water to keep yourself hydrated. Don’t act tough like you don’t need to drink more water…the last thing you want is to pass out during an exercise.

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Body armor changes the way you interact with the world, but its continued use in militaries across the world proves that the advantage far outweigh the disadvantages. If you learn to accommodate for the armor, the disadvantages become changes instead of problems. Order your own custom set and get training!

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