Important Survival Gear Items You Need

Not every item we sell will stop a bullet, but there are pieces of tactical survival gear that you’ll need when the right situation arises. At first, they might seem boring, but from a cost/benefit standpoint you might as well toss these in your cart right now.

Tough Hook Heavy Duty Tactical Equipment Hanger

At first, you might scoff at the idea of having to have a specialty hanger for your body armor. Then you might try a clothes hanger or even a heavy-duty coat hanger…those will break and bend and you’ll be back here buying one specifically made for tactical body armor. These things can carry up to 150 pounds!

Soft body armor must be hung up correctly so that the bullet-resistant fibers don’t bend and tear over time. And for times you aren’t wearing the armor but need to transport it, it’s easy to carry so that you can have your other hand free to carry more equipment.

KP2: Knee Pads

This might seem silly at first…after all, your knees can handle it, right? But what about when you need to stay out of sight and keep your eyes trained on a subject, all the while being ready to jump up at a moment’s notice. Knee pads don’t just keep you comfortable, they also relieve the stress on your knees so that you can pop up at a moment’s notice. After all, you don’t want to jump up from being on a knee and then wobble into battle because your leg is asleep!

Buckle Repair Kit

How many buckles do you have? How many are holding items in place that could save your life?

When a buckle breaks it’s important to have a spare at the ready. Don’t wait until they break to buy them, have them with you. Because you can’t wait on even our fast shipping if it’s a life or death situation.


These three items are ones that everyone eventually ends up with, so have them on hand when the need arises. You’ll be glad you did.

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