Most Important Tactical Survival Gear Items

Your tactical body armor. Your rifle. Your helmet. Not boring.

It’s all out there in front of everyone. You’ve spent time in it, trained in it, made sure it fits and that everything works together to make you as efficient as possible. And let’s admit it, you look good when you’re suited up.

But what about the stuff you can’t see, the tactical survival gear items that you’d better not be caught without. It’s fun to show your friends your shark repellant, but when you’re in the desert you’d rather have a spoon in your pack. So these items are boring, but you’re going to want them on you at all times.


Micro Inferno:

Fire got humans out of the caves and can get you out of countless situations. This stuff is completely weatherproof and burns with just the slightest spark. Need to create a diversion? Need to heat up some food when you’re away from camp? Keep these with you at all times, even in the desert…remember, in the desert it gets really cold at night.

Stainless Steel Knife, Fork, Spoon With Can/Bottle Opener

You’re gonna wanna eat, right? Three things about this set: 1) Stainless steel is one of the most awesome things ever created (and has it’s history in the making of gun barrels, but that’s another story). You don’t want to be eating off anything rusty. 2) Utensils are some of the last things they’ll strip you of if you’re captured…after they secure your rifle, sidearm, and main knife, you might be able to surprise them with some cutlery when their guard is down. And 3) don’t underestimate the can opener. Using a Kabar to open a can of soup can land you in the infirmary with a sliced palm. Just let the can opener do its job.

aLOKSAK – Military Grade Element Proof Dry Bags

Communications equipment. Batteries. Ammo. Sidearms. When you come to a chest-high river and there’s no choice but to cross it, you can’t carry everything over your head and still stay safe. Use these military-grade waterproof bags to keep everything nice and dry.


We sell a lot of stuff on this site that will save your life, but after you’re done stopping bullets make sure you can still get a nice warm meal with the lesser-known tactical survival gear items.

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